Favorite Fives

pleat sleeve top

I’m a sucker for pink


scalloped flats

It’s hard for me to walk in heels because I’m not balanced enough. Bravo to the ladies that are able to walk in 3-4 inch heels. It’s okay because I love flats. Here’s a pair of  cute scalloped flats.

exfoliating peel gel

I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. I really like it. It’s different because you apply it when your face is dry. You have to rub it in using a circular motion, then all these dead cells slough off.

My esthetician recommend I exfoliate once a week. So I’m all over this exfoliating agenda.


sugar lip

I’m not going to lie I hate spending $25 on chapstick, but then I hate the feeling of dry lips. Oh, the struggles.  So I alternate buying the Sugar lips and Maybelline baby lips.

I like the tint in these Sugar lip chapsticks. It’s light enough to wear for work.

Have you ever seen nurses with a full face of makeup on? Well, that’s not me. I spend 10 minutes doing my makeup on mornings that I have to work. First, I hate waking up early for work. Second, as long as my eyebrows are pretty, concealer and mascara is on. I’m good.


wedge sandals

I’m so glad wedge sandals are coming back. I love wedge sandals.

Have a good day.

xo, Mrs. Bananahammock ( I love Friends )

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