Nurse, I have chest pain

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When my patient reports he has chest pain.  Yeah, we got this shit!

I can’t say it enough that I love my unit. We work well as a team and we are a great work family. Competition is good when it drives you to make positive changes. Competition is bad when nurses undermine one another.

We continue to challenge each other and encourage one another. That’s why nursing is a great career.

Over the weekend, my patient reported he had chest pain. It never fails someone will have chest pain when you are crazy ass busy. I am thankful my coworker offered to do my EKG while I finished up with another patient.

Ahh, no EKG changes.

Patient already has oxygen on.

One tablet of nitroglycerin sublingual given.

Pain resolved after one tablet.

Patient is awaiting for his heart cath this week.

 Boom! moving on to the next patient.

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