Valentine’s Day gifts

Okay confession, husband and I usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day by doing the whole going out for dinner, flowers and gifts. The restaurants where you can get a good steak are busy with couples on Valentine’s Day, so we always make Valentine’s dinner at home. Husband makes a pretty good steak.

Second confession we don’t buy each other Valentine’s gifts either. Sure we did the whole Valentine’s dinner and gifts when we first started dating, but now we just order/buy what we want. Nothing extravagant because we like to save the money towards a get away for us. So this year we’re just buying something simple and saving money for our cruise in April.

What we do for Valentine’s Day is buy gifts for the kids. Chocolate treats and pink roses for the girl. Chocolate treats for the boy.

But here are some gift that I like :

Large Le Pliage tote
$125. I have the large tote in navy, but I really like the pink colors too.

isn’t the pink pretty?

Tory Burch perfume
I have the 1.7 oz bottle. It’s $95 and it smells really good.


Kate Spade business card holder
The business card holder is only $20. For a nurse I don’t need a business card holder, but as a blogger I might need it. I know a lot of bloggers use business cards when they are networking. So i might need to get myself some business cards in the near future.


Kate Spade phone case

This is a cute case!

For the guys:

Chanel cologne

Husband has this cologne, it smells really good.


Patagonia jacket

I have the patagonia jacket for myself. I wear it to work often  because if you have 3 nurses on one side of the floor. No one will agree on temperature settings. I’m going to buy the Husband one so we can be the married couple that matches.


Rayban clubmaster sunglasses
Husband has the Rayban wayfarer, but I’m going to buy him the clubmaster also.

Have a good day!

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