We’re medical professionals, please use your words

Respiratory therapist (RT): I have to go the EEERRRR, can you take the patient off their treatment?

Me: [WTF look on my face] where are you going?


Me: [WTF look remains] okay [ I replied because wherever she was going, I’ll still take my patient off their respiratory treatment.]

I sat there in silence trying to figure out what the hell RT was saying, then a light bulb went off or maybe it was a patient’s call light. ¬†She was referring to the emergency department, otherwise known as ER. Or if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, the pit. But now were not even using acronyms because that’s too difficult to say. We’ve resorted to using sounds now?

Okay, I’m guilty of saying MRSA instead of M.R.S.A, but “EEERRR” is just stupid. Your not a pirate.

We’re medical professionals lets use appropriate medical terms and acronyms, if you came up with cool new words with your colleagues, don’t assume everybody knows what your talking about. If it’s a haha inside joke, then keep it inside, because I don’t know what your talking about.

However, if you enjoy seeing the “WTF are you talking about” look on everyone face,then continue using sounds no one understands.

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