Coffee talk

It’s Fridaaayyy. It’s coffee talk time.

Housewives of Beverly Hills

Don’t you just love it when the wealthy folks have a party? They have servers and bartenders. Oh, the luxuries. I was digging the Great Gatsby theme. I loved Erika’s look. I’m serious, I want to be best friends with her. I can’t believe she’s 47, she looks good!!!

Once again Eden was getting into Kyle and Kim’s business. What is it with her? It’s apparent her unresolved issue with her sister is bothering her and feels the need to repair Kyle and Kim’s relationship.

Step aside Eden!

RN life 

My ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) will expire in a couple of months so I have to study for that. Yes, these algorithms are ingrained in my brain, but I need to refresh myself. Why? because  every time I renew my ACLS I am performing in front of the instructors. I hate that! Not only am I an introvert, but I get so flustered when I’m doing something knowing someone is watching me. I hate being watched. It’s always in a group setting and the instructor will give a scenario and you work through them. I hate it!!!

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Mom life

Meet Mimi the panda. My daughter loves pandas and of course there aren’t any pandas in the Texas zoo. We will have to plan a trip to Washington DC to see the pandas. My daughter is looking into donating money to the World Wildlife Fund. She has such a big heart and I hope she stays that way.

Mimi has a tear in her arm and stuffing is falling out. My daughter asked me to do some surgery. Yep, I need to sew that sucker up.

Nurse at work, nurse at home.

Online shopping 

I went online to look for some one piece swimsuit ideas. I know it’s only February and my cruise isn’t until April, but I like to have things ready early. I usually stick to a one piece swimsuit because of my belly.  I’ve been on vacation before and seen other ladies that aren’t really in the best shape wear a two piece. However, they wear it with pride with obvious great self esteem. Me? I can’t do that. I’m still very insecure and cannot wear a two piece yet. I’m trying to work on that self esteem issue. Until then, here are some pretty one piece swimsuit.

ruffle off the shoulder swimsuit
$58. Still one of my faves

high waist bikini bottom

I really like the high waist look. I personally like it because sadly my belly is not as tone as I would like. Need to work on those crunches.You can find a similar high waist bikini for $20 here. I bought it today and I love it.

Ted Baker citrus bloom swimsuit
$165. If money was not an issue I would look into the Ted Baker one piece. They are so pretty.


scalloped V neck one piece
only $39


scalloped cut out one piece
$39, this one is cute too.


bandeau swimsuit

I bought this one last year in a different color. The price is more within my budget compared to the La Blanca one. 

Have a good weekend!

Coffee talk

[coffee talk on Friday…..everything random in one post while consuming coffee.]

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Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’ve been behind on my Housewives of BH lately. I feel ashamed I’ve missed several episodes so I’m trying to go back and catch up. Kyle Richards is my favorite housewife. But what the heck is up with Eden? I find her strange with her trying to read everybody’s energy and  asking private questions right off the bat at lunch with Kyle. Seriously, back up a little bit! I know your dad is an Icon, but  it’s not your place to heal or figure other people’s problem. 

Kyle-like I said she’s my favorite. I want to be her BFF. I like how her house looks cozy. She has her pups all over the house, it’s adorable.

Dorit- I don’t like her.I get the “I’m better than you” vibe from her. And her husband PK was definitely enjoying the crotch view. Dorit had no place buying Erika panties and giving her a hard time about her crotch. Hello, it was your husband grinning at the crotch.

Erika-I want to be her friend. That’s it.

Eileen- I’m so glad she told Dorit to shut up. haha. Go girl!

I’m glad Brandi is not on the show anymore. She stirred shit all the time.

Vacation babyyyy

I feel like I need another vacation. I usually start throwing ideas about summer vacation around in January. I’m a planner and a procrastinator, not a good combination. I need planners and list to keep me on track.I would like to throw another Disneyworld trip in the mix, even just for a couple of days. But the husband and son wants a break from Disneyworld. I think it’s about time my daughter and I have a girls trip to Disneyworld or maybe the Disney cruise. Ah, I’ve heard so many awesome news about the Disney cruise, but the price is expensive. My friend did 2 Disney cruise and she recommend that I do the concierge package. So I looked up the price tag on concierge package. Holy shit, it’s expensive. I’ll have to pull off some overtime for that. 

White House news

“Alternative facts” is a new White House word. It really means lying, but I guess alternative facts is a fancy word.

Chinese New Year

It’s the year of the Rooster, which means it’s my year!


The blogosphere is saturated with money, fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogs. I hope to find more blogs with working moms or blogs  by nurses. Something I can relate to. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Online shopping

I spend 3 to 4 days in scrubs so it’s refreshing to just wear something nice for a change. For my daughter’s pick up, there is this one mom that is dressed up all the time, heels included. I barely get myself in a decent blouse.

low Vneck blouse

My blouse came last week, but I finally got the chance to wear it on Wednesday. I really like this blouse. The length is just right. I hate blouses that rise above my umbilicus when I’m reaching for something in the upper cabinets.

asymmetrical ruffle top

I really like this ruffle top and the blue color is perfect.

flutter sleeve top

Husband said this shirt looks like a candy stripe volunteer at the hospital. Do you remember those? I can’t wait for it to be delivered.

girlfriend jeans

These jeans are less than $100. Yeah!


I love the silk/rose color. I used to wear hoop and dangling earrings when I was younger. But now it’s rare that I wear them because it just gets in my way. I prefer stud earrings now and these are only $45.

Have a good weekend.