Visiting Coco Cay, Bahamas



Coco Cay is a private beach owned by Royal Caribbean. Husband and I was up late so we slept in when we were in Coco Cay. You have to take a tender boat to the beach. So whenever we’re on a cruise that involves tendering we take our time because the lines are long in the morning. The kids would like Coco Cay, they had activities in the water and bounce slides. There was a nature walk, hammocks and volleyball.


  1.  If it’s a private beach, the only cash you’ll need is for tipping.  Yep, leave those big dollars on the ship and bring those $1. Lunch will be provided by the cruise line when your on their private beach. So just enjoy the activities and food. Lounge around. I always bring my Kindle  when I’m on vacation.

I LOVE my Kindle. I make sure to take it with me when I’m traveling. I had a Nook years ago, but I converted to a Kindle  and there’s no looking back.

We’ve been back home for a couple days and I still have a suitcase and 2 backpacks to empty out. But I did book another cruise. Yeah! We’ll be going on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas. I’m already excited. It’s the second newest ship. It’ll be just Husband and I for this trip because the cruise is in April and the kids are still in school.  But don’t feel bad for them I’m trying to save up for Disney cruise in March when they’re on spring break. I wasn’t lying when I said I LOVE cruises.


Visiting Nassau, Bahamas



Juice straight from the source

We’ve been to Nassau a couple times on cruises so each time we try to do something differently. Two years ago we went snorkeling, which was fun. If you haven’t snorkeled you should give it a try. This year we decided to just do a bus tour and walk around town.  Stopped at a spot in the alley for some food. Husband drank beer while walking around the markets.


  1. Take a beach bag, don’t carry your brand name purse. I carry  The North Face Women’s Borealis
    back pack when I’m traveling. It’s comfortable and it holds everything I need. I used to carry a beach bag, but having a free hand to take pictures is easier. Carrying an expensive purse makes you a target when traveling overseas.
  2. Excursions are cheaper off the ship.  All cruise lines have a contract with excursion companies. You can get a better deal if you negotiate with the locals.
  3. You don’t need your passport when your off the ship. You only need a picture ID and your sea pass to get back on the ship.
  4.  Only take a small amount of cash for each port.  I usually take $200 for each port stop. Amount depends on the party and the kind of excursion, but $200 should cover excursions and tip. One guy took his wallet and his cash then stuck it in his shoes while he was at the beach. Guess what? The shoe disappeared. Don’t put yourself in that situation.
  5.  Eat at local restaurants.  There’s always a Margaritaville or a Senor Frogs. Skip them and eat at local restaurants for authentic food.

I really enjoy going on cruises. I’ve lost count of how many we went on. I don’t really care too much for all inclusive resorts. I like being at different locations.  However, each cruise line has their own pros and cons. Make sure you don’t judge the whole cruise line by one ship. You have to try different ones.

Some cute beach bag.


For me, I prefer taking a backpack . I like having padded straps so my shoulders won’t hurt.

Husband uses a SwissGear backpack .

Have a good day.