Valentine’s Day gifts

Okay confession, husband and I usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day by doing the whole going out for dinner, flowers and gifts. The restaurants where you can get a good steak are busy with couples on Valentine’s Day, so we always make Valentine’s dinner at home. Husband makes a pretty good steak.

Second confession we don’t buy each other Valentine’s gifts either. Sure we did the whole Valentine’s dinner and gifts when we first started dating, but now we just order/buy what we want. Nothing extravagant because we like to save the money towards a get away for us. So this year we’re just buying something simple and saving money for our cruise in April.

What we do for Valentine’s Day is buy gifts for the kids. Chocolate treats and pink roses for the girl. Chocolate treats for the boy.

But here are some gift that I like :

Large Le Pliage tote
$125. I have the large tote in navy, but I really like the pink colors too.

isn’t the pink pretty?

Tory Burch perfume
I have the 1.7 oz bottle. It’s $95 and it smells really good.


Kate Spade business card holder
The business card holder is only $20. For a nurse I don’t need a business card holder, but as a blogger I might need it. I know a lot of bloggers use business cards when they are networking. So i might need to get myself some business cards in the near future.


Kate Spade phone case

This is a cute case!

For the guys:

Chanel cologne

Husband has this cologne, it smells really good.


Patagonia jacket

I have the patagonia jacket for myself. I wear it to work often  because if you have 3 nurses on one side of the floor. No one will agree on temperature settings. I’m going to buy the Husband one so we can be the married couple that matches.


Rayban clubmaster sunglasses
Husband has the Rayban wayfarer, but I’m going to buy him the clubmaster also.

Have a good day!

Don’t make mom mad

Girl and Boy @ Disneyworld 2016

Being a mom is stressful. Sometimes I want to take a “nerve pill” like my elderly patients, but I can’t. Not because I have responsibilities, but because my PCP isn’t convinced I have anxiety. Why doesn’t a house stay clean after an entire day of cleaning and scrubbing? Oh, because we have kids. It’s just not the kids it’s also the dog who leaves her toy laying around. I’m picking up after husband, kids and pup.

I find myself threatening my family with lines from Game of Thrones and no one quite gets it.

Me: Clean your room. 

kids: I will.

[next day. rooms still not clean]

me: Winter is coming!!!

kids: mom, we already know. winter is already here.


I need to find other ways to threaten my family. lol. My kids says my cleaning expectation are too high. I think their cleaning expectations are too low. And moms are always right.

Things I bought this week because Amazon Prime is awesome.
1. Travelambo Travel Wallet, Passport Holder, Wallet RFID Blocking Credit Card Holders for Men & Women (black) Don’t ask me what RFID is. It’ll keep my passport, docs and credit card in one spot. Figured it’ll come in handy. My kids said it looks like something an old lady would use. If your an old lady like me, buy one next time when you travel.

2. Pet Grooming Tool & Pet Grooming Brush- NO.1 BEST SELLER For Small, Medium & Large Dogs + Cats, With Short to Long Hair. Dramatically Reduces Shedding In Minutes GUARANTEED,Hot Pink Korra is a husky/GSD pup. Double the cuteness, double the shedding. After husband combed her, he had a handful of fur.

3.Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer For Dogs Trimming your dog toenails at home is not as easy as it looks. I should of saw that it said “professional” and realized I shouldn’t be doing it. Sure it trims, but then the edges are sharp. I don’t have time to file my dog’s nails too. I will now be taking her to Petsmart for all her nail trimming. Korra likes her nails to be “squoval.” I think Petsmart can handle that. One less task for me.

Things I want to buy

1.Amazon Echo – Black I intended on buying this for Husband for Christmas, but they were all sold out. Siri has been slacking off. I figured if Alexa is around, Siri will get  jealous and quit giving smartass replies. For laughs husband asked Siri “Where am I?” Her reply “Look around.” What a bitch. lol. It was funny though.

Not the teacher’s responsiblity

On Friday, it took my daughter longer than usual to get out of school. She begins to tell me a boy was disrupting class by bothering another classmate. As the teacher was telling the boy to move to another seat, he began yelling at the teacher “you can’t tell me what to do!” Then he proceeded to slap the teacher in the face!

I was upset my daughter witnessed the interaction. I felt sorry for the teacher. Here she is trying to educate young minds of our future and gets hit in the face by a brat. Yeah, I said it, brat.

In most country, our children’s actions depicts our parenting choices.  Behavior, success and discipline.Discipline is a sensitive topic for parents. I don’t believe it’s the teachers responsibility to discipline our children. It’s the parents job.

I think my children are well behaved, sure their rooms aren’t always clean according to my “clean expectations”, but that’s for another story.

I know I am not the only one that has witnessed a child throw a tantrum at Target and thought “wow, kid needs a spanking.” I’m not referring to a 2 year old tantrum, but a  child old enough to know that is not the way to behave.

Do we judge the parents?

Yes and no. I feel as a parent, you need to stop bad behavior from perpetuating further. Don’t make excuses for bad behavior. “Oh, he didn’t get enough sleep.” That’s a reason if your child is cranky or hangry, not for bad behavior. Do something about it. Time out, take privileges away or spanking. Something, just take an action. If you feel your child needs professional help. Do that.

When other children misbehaves in class, it takes time away from my child learning in class and along with everyone else.  So from one parent to another, discipline your children.