Drama at work

Watching drama unfold as your patient’s wife comes to visit your patient when his concerned girlfriend is already at bedside. All your thinking is ” crap, do I have to call security soon?”

It turns out I didn’t have to call security, because the ladies were aware of each other. The girlfriend just went over her allotted time. Yeah, are you shocked over the girlfriend part or the allotted time part?

This is why when I see multiple people in a patient’s room, I never assume it’s a girlfriend, wife or friend. I just ask ” are we family?” And let them tell me what the relationship is.  Sometimes its easier if the answer is provided for you.

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Nurse brain please turn off

Once a nurse, always a nurse.

So once your a nurse, you develop a “nurse brain.” A nurse brain consist of critical thinking, time management and attention to detail. Because of this, a nurse brain never takes a break even when the nurse is off duty or on vacation.

I know what your thinking “what is she talking about??”

Let me give you examples:

1. Instagram– A picture of a pretty girl sitting on the street, curb, side of a building or a brick on the parking lot. Her $3,000 purse perfectly positioned for the camera to see the label.

A regular person will think – wow she’s pretty, #goals, I want that outfit, I want that purse.

A nurse would think – WTF, is she doing. The street, curb, side of the building is filthy and full of germs. I hope she brought some disinfecting wipes to wipe the bottom of that $3,000 purse down.

I would also be thinking “holy shit $3,000 purse!!”  To be honest, I would love to have that $3,000 purse so if someone would like to give me a $3,000 purse. I will gladly accept it! I have a couple of Louis Vuitton purse, but I had to save up for that. I had buyers remorse for a couple of days because that amount of money could be sitting in my savings account accruing interest. But I figured I work hard, it’s my birthday so I’m going to treat myself to a Louis Vuitton purse. But you can bet that my Louis Vuitton would not be laying on the nasty concrete. Hell no! And it has a Bath and Body sanitizer gel hanging on it. You know the rule, foam in /foam out/ foam everything.

Remember Microbiology class when you went all over the school to swab door knobs, bathroom area and water fountain to see what kind of bacteria will grow into a petri dish. That was an eye opener.

How do you know when your nursing life has rubbed off on your children?

When they are using a public restroom, they use a paper towel to turn off the water and a paper towel to open the door. Oh, so proud. #mymomsanurse. lol.

2.  A good looking shirtless man
– a regular person would be drooling over that eye candy, looking at his bulge through those jeans.

A nurse would think ” that’s a good looking man, I can definitely hit that…..vein!” “Look at that vein bulging, I wouldn’t even need a tourniquet for that!”

Yes, thats how dirty a nurse mind works. We can’t help but look at the vein on a random man, when everyone else is looking at that body. Okay, nurse looks at hot bodies too. We also look at random people’s vein at the grocery check out line.

3. Diagnosing strangers– When a stranger walks around with red, inflamed lower extremities.

A regular person would think your rash is terrible, you should see your physician.

A nurse is thinking “crap, you have some bad cellulitis going on buddy.” Every nurse is guilty of practicing out of our scope of practice and tries to diagnose random people we see. We can’t help it, because our nurse brain doesn’t shut off.  I’ll be on a cruise and see someone with beet red legs and I’m trying to diagnose him. I see a lady with a productive cough and I’m trying to debate what kind of diagnosis I should give her. I see erratic behavior and I’ll try to debate if it’s alcohol consumption or diagnose her with a mental disorder.

It doesn’t stop, I can relate almost everything I see to my nursing field.  If I hear butterfly, I think butterfly needle before I think of a butterfly creature.

I think I just need to vacation more. Yep, thats my reasoning and I’ll share that with my husband.

Here’s my shitty nursing care plan:

Nursing Diagnosis Assessment Nurse planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation
Decreased fun output related to increased mommy workload. Patient exhibit:


-Excessive cleaning

-Fun scale 6/10

-Sleep disturbance



The patient will express increase in fun scale. -Massage



-alcohol consumption


-cruise vacation

-Prevent fatigue/irritability

-To improve fun scale

-Decrease sleep disturbance

Patient will be free from stress, demonstrated by decrease irritability and produce a bowel movement.

I hated care plans in nursing school. Now we have electronic care plans that I click on at work. I can’t escape them.

Nurses if you know how to turn off your nurse brain, please share.


Favorite Fives

pleat sleeve top

I’m a sucker for pink


scalloped flats

It’s hard for me to walk in heels because I’m not balanced enough. Bravo to the ladies that are able to walk in 3-4 inch heels. It’s okay because I love flats. Here’s a pair of  cute scalloped flats.

exfoliating peel gel

I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. I really like it. It’s different because you apply it when your face is dry. You have to rub it in using a circular motion, then all these dead cells slough off.

My esthetician recommend I exfoliate once a week. So I’m all over this exfoliating agenda.


sugar lip

I’m not going to lie I hate spending $25 on chapstick, but then I hate the feeling of dry lips. Oh, the struggles.  So I alternate buying the Sugar lips and Maybelline baby lips.

I like the tint in these Sugar lip chapsticks. It’s light enough to wear for work.

Have you ever seen nurses with a full face of makeup on? Well, that’s not me. I spend 10 minutes doing my makeup on mornings that I have to work. First, I hate waking up early for work. Second, as long as my eyebrows are pretty, concealer and mascara is on. I’m good.


wedge sandals

I’m so glad wedge sandals are coming back. I love wedge sandals.

Have a good day.

xo, Mrs. Bananahammock ( I love Friends )

Nurse, I have chest pain

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When my patient reports he has chest pain.  Yeah, we got this shit!

I can’t say it enough that I love my unit. We work well as a team and we are a great work family. Competition is good when it drives you to make positive changes. Competition is bad when nurses undermine one another.

We continue to challenge each other and encourage one another. That’s why nursing is a great career.

Over the weekend, my patient reported he had chest pain. It never fails someone will have chest pain when you are crazy ass busy. I am thankful my coworker offered to do my EKG while I finished up with another patient.

Ahh, no EKG changes.

Patient already has oxygen on.

One tablet of nitroglycerin sublingual given.

Pain resolved after one tablet.

Patient is awaiting for his heart cath this week.

 Boom! moving on to the next patient.

Five blouses under $100

I hope you are all having a good week so far. Can’t believe it’s February already. Everyone has their mom outfit. Mine is a blouse or tshirt and jeans. That’s it, very simple. Here are some blouses that are on my shopping cart.

ruffle hem top

$49. Perfect for date night. We used to have date night once a week, but we’ve been so busy lately. We need to get back into date night. Any excuse I can get to dress up. It also comes in blush pink.


floral blouse

$79. I like blouses with the longer length in the back.


tie back top

$54, also comes in blush and navy

Isn’t the back adorable?

floral blouse

$59.40 currently 40% off. I’m a sucker for floral.


off shoulder blouse


Are nurses hypocrites?

Are nurses hypocrites? Yes, we are! Not only do we educate our patients about medications, but we also educate them on healthy living, diet, staying active/exercising and smoking cessation. How many nurses educate their patients about the importance of smoking cessation, but continues to smoke themselves? We all know smoking causes vasoconstriction, increase coronary vascular resistance, decrease coronary blood flow, risk for cancer and so much more.

We should know better because we see the effects smoking has on the human body. Don’t you dare be the nurse that is religiously exercising, eating healthy, counting steps, but then continues to smoke. Come on! Your doing good one way, but hurting your body by smoking. Quit smoking!

No, I’m not on a high horse because I’m just as bad.  I don’t smoke, but I don’t exercise as much as I should and I should eat healthier too. I work 3  shifts a week (maybe 4 if overtime is available), so that leaves me with 4 days off. I’ve been working out once a week because I’ve been busy, exhausted and just want to sleep.

For me, I need to get off my ass and drag myself to work out more. I want to work out at least 3x a week. I just need to block time on my days off to go to the gym and work out. I know I would feel so much better and I’ll have those natural endorphins. So thats my goal-working out 3x a week.

There you have it. My name is Kat, I’m a hypocrite and I need to work out more frequently and eat healthier.

When I told my friend I needed more workout pants. She goes “why? your sweaty ass is still going to stick to whatever pants your wearing.” Okay, well the plan is to find some workout pants that will wick the moisture so my sweaty ass won’t stick to the fabric.



Stay active my friends.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Okay confession, husband and I usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day by doing the whole going out for dinner, flowers and gifts. The restaurants where you can get a good steak are busy with couples on Valentine’s Day, so we always make Valentine’s dinner at home. Husband makes a pretty good steak.

Second confession we don’t buy each other Valentine’s gifts either. Sure we did the whole Valentine’s dinner and gifts when we first started dating, but now we just order/buy what we want. Nothing extravagant because we like to save the money towards a get away for us. So this year we’re just buying something simple and saving money for our cruise in April.

What we do for Valentine’s Day is buy gifts for the kids. Chocolate treats and pink roses for the girl. Chocolate treats for the boy.

But here are some gift that I like :

Large Le Pliage tote
$125. I have the large tote in navy, but I really like the pink colors too.

isn’t the pink pretty?

Tory Burch perfume
I have the 1.7 oz bottle. It’s $95 and it smells really good.


Kate Spade business card holder
The business card holder is only $20. For a nurse I don’t need a business card holder, but as a blogger I might need it. I know a lot of bloggers use business cards when they are networking. So i might need to get myself some business cards in the near future.


Kate Spade phone case

This is a cute case!

For the guys:

Chanel cologne

Husband has this cologne, it smells really good.


Patagonia jacket

I have the patagonia jacket for myself. I wear it to work often  because if you have 3 nurses on one side of the floor. No one will agree on temperature settings. I’m going to buy the Husband one so we can be the married couple that matches.


Rayban clubmaster sunglasses
Husband has the Rayban wayfarer, but I’m going to buy him the clubmaster also.

Have a good day!

We’re medical professionals, please use your words

Respiratory therapist (RT): I have to go the EEERRRR, can you take the patient off their treatment?

Me: [WTF look on my face] where are you going?


Me: [WTF look remains] okay [ I replied because wherever she was going, I’ll still take my patient off their respiratory treatment.]

I sat there in silence trying to figure out what the hell RT was saying, then a light bulb went off or maybe it was a patient’s call light.  She was referring to the emergency department, otherwise known as ER. Or if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, the pit. But now were not even using acronyms because that’s too difficult to say. We’ve resorted to using sounds now?

Okay, I’m guilty of saying MRSA instead of M.R.S.A, but “EEERRR” is just stupid. Your not a pirate.

We’re medical professionals lets use appropriate medical terms and acronyms, if you came up with cool new words with your colleagues, don’t assume everybody knows what your talking about. If it’s a haha inside joke, then keep it inside, because I don’t know what your talking about.

However, if you enjoy seeing the “WTF are you talking about” look on everyone face,then continue using sounds no one understands.

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Coffee talk

It’s Fridaaayyy. It’s coffee talk time.

Housewives of Beverly Hills

Don’t you just love it when the wealthy folks have a party? They have servers and bartenders. Oh, the luxuries. I was digging the Great Gatsby theme. I loved Erika’s look. I’m serious, I want to be best friends with her. I can’t believe she’s 47, she looks good!!!

Once again Eden was getting into Kyle and Kim’s business. What is it with her? It’s apparent her unresolved issue with her sister is bothering her and feels the need to repair Kyle and Kim’s relationship.

Step aside Eden!

RN life 

My ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) will expire in a couple of months so I have to study for that. Yes, these algorithms are ingrained in my brain, but I need to refresh myself. Why? because  every time I renew my ACLS I am performing in front of the instructors. I hate that! Not only am I an introvert, but I get so flustered when I’m doing something knowing someone is watching me. I hate being watched. It’s always in a group setting and the instructor will give a scenario and you work through them. I hate it!!!

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Mom life

Meet Mimi the panda. My daughter loves pandas and of course there aren’t any pandas in the Texas zoo. We will have to plan a trip to Washington DC to see the pandas. My daughter is looking into donating money to the World Wildlife Fund. She has such a big heart and I hope she stays that way.

Mimi has a tear in her arm and stuffing is falling out. My daughter asked me to do some surgery. Yep, I need to sew that sucker up.

Nurse at work, nurse at home.

Online shopping 

I went online to look for some one piece swimsuit ideas. I know it’s only February and my cruise isn’t until April, but I like to have things ready early. I usually stick to a one piece swimsuit because of my belly.  I’ve been on vacation before and seen other ladies that aren’t really in the best shape wear a two piece. However, they wear it with pride with obvious great self esteem. Me? I can’t do that. I’m still very insecure and cannot wear a two piece yet. I’m trying to work on that self esteem issue. Until then, here are some pretty one piece swimsuit.

ruffle off the shoulder swimsuit
$58. Still one of my faves

high waist bikini bottom

I really like the high waist look. I personally like it because sadly my belly is not as tone as I would like. Need to work on those crunches.You can find a similar high waist bikini for $20 here. I bought it today and I love it.

Ted Baker citrus bloom swimsuit
$165. If money was not an issue I would look into the Ted Baker one piece. They are so pretty.


scalloped V neck one piece
only $39


scalloped cut out one piece
$39, this one is cute too.


bandeau swimsuit

I bought this one last year in a different color. The price is more within my budget compared to the La Blanca one. 

Have a good weekend!